Monday, February 18, 2008

Solidarity with Iranian students in Jail

Please sign this appeal to free jailed students in Iran:

To: Iranian Government

Campaign to free all detained student activists in Iran! To all students’, labour, women’s and human rights organisations and activists worldwide: put pressure on the Islamic republic of Iran to free all jailed students now! Student activists struggling for freedom, equality and social justice need our immediate solidarity! We at the Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) learnt about the recent wave of suppression and arrests by the Islamic Republic of Iran against student activists. They have arrested a number of student activists prior to and during mass demonstrations, which are held annually in commemoration of the December 7th Students Day (16th Azar solar calendar) in Tehran and other cities across the country. Traditionally, 16th Azar has been the scene of large public demonstrations, and protests against repression and in defence of freedom, equality, and humanity and against gender apartheid in Iran. A vibrant youth and student movement has always existed alongside Iran’s women’s and workers’ movements in the face of enormous adversity. However, the current climate of threats of war by America has allowed the Islamic Republic to intensify its oppression of these movements. The students are determined to oppose such an atmosphere of repression and continue to demand freedom while opposing any potential war by the USA or its allies.

According to the latest news posted on a pro-student websites such as, the following students are detained:

Mehdi Gerailoo - University of Tehran, Nader Ahsani - Ex-student of the University of Mazandaran, Anoosheh Azadbar - University of Tehran, Victoria Jamshidi - University of Azad Tehran-south, Behrooz Karimizadeh - Expelled student of the University of Tehran, Saeed Habibi - Ex-student of the Sharif University of Technology, Ali Salem - University of Polytechnic , Yoones Mirhosseini - Bahonar University, Shiraz , Milad Omrani - University of Rajayi , Abed Tavancheh - Expelled student of the University of Polytechnic , Sadra Pirhayati - Shahed University Roozbeh Safshekan - University of Tehran, Saeed Aghamali - Art University of Yazd Roozbehan Amiri - University of Tehran, Nasim Soltanbeigi - University of Allameh Mahsa Mohebbi - Sharif University of Technology, Keyvan Amiri - Sharif University of Technology, Hadi Salari - University of Rajayi, Amir Aghayi - University of Rajayi Fashid Farhadi Ahangaran - University of Rajayi, Saeed Aghakhani Okhtay Hosseini - University of Azad, Soroosh Hashempoor - University of Chamran , Ahvaz, Mohsen Ghamin - University of Polytechnic, Hamed Mohammadi - University of Mazandaran arrested a week ago, Arash Pakzad - University of Mazandaran Milad Moeeni - University of Mazandaran, Hassan Maarefi - University of Mazandaran, Behrang Zandi - University of Mazandaran.

OWFI gives full support to the student activists and all progressive movements in Iran and call upon all of you to take urgent action to demand the immediate release of all detained students. International solidarity is the duty of all activists; support your brothers and sisters in Iran against the Islamic Republic and the threat of war!

Campaign initiators:

Yanar Mohammed, president of OWFI and Houzan Mahmoud, Representative Abroad of OWFI

The Undersigned


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