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Untold stories of the rape scandal in Abo-Gharib prison in Iraq

This is an article on rape of Iraqi women.

Written on 03/06/2004

Untold stories of the rape scandal in Abo-Gharib prison in Iraq

By Houzan Mahmoud and Nadia Mahmood

Many Iraqis believe that sexual abuse of women in Abo-Gharib prison has been rampant.
There have been a lot of photos and talk about women being raped by coalition soldiers. Sometimes the US/UK authorities claimed that these were fake photos, but the live evidence of their crimes is now emerging.
Recently the news from women prisoners who have been released from jail and have either committed suicide or were killed by their own relatives have shocked us. Rape is considered as a shame on “family’s honour”. These women have been impregnated in prison after been raped by US soldiers.
The voluntarily killing of women after their release informs us that there is no space for a raped women in a society that is been destroyed. The most backward and inhumane values once again are reborn with the emergence of the occupation, which has provided the platform for the Islamists to inflict and impose the most misogynist ideas and norms on people. They look at rape as a “shame” not only on family “honour” but on the nation’s honour too. So they have yet another excuse to exploit the situation and yet carry out much more terrorism, and locate big sums of money to award those who can kidnap US and the allied women soldiers so they can take revenge.
USA’s and Islamist’s methods are both sadistic, oppressive and are both the two sides of one coin, both of them are crimes against women and they should be stopped.
These raped women did not want to live the resentful life in social exclusion and denial even by their own closest relatives in a society that been driven back into the dark ages by the forces of political Islam, and US occupation.
These women appear to have been arrested - not because of any crimes they have committed, but purely because of whom they are married to, and their impending intelligence value. US officials have previously acknowledged that they detain Iraqi women in the hope of convincing male relatives to provide information, and confess; when US soldiers raid a house and fail to find a male suspect, they will often take away his wife, sister or daughter instead.
This is exactly the same method that was used during Saddam’s regime and is been repeated now by different totalitarian forces. On invading Iraq, George W, Bush said now people in Iraq will be free from Saddam’s prison, torture and persecution, What has been happening in the prisons of Iraq is again showing the hypocrisy of the US government and its false and inhumane justification for occupying Iraq, and that actually they have just the same methods as the oppressive regime of Ba’ath and are inflicting the same rules and persecution on the Iraqi masses.
This shows us that actually abuse; rape and violent attitudes have always been part of the culture of the imperialist army whenever they have been invading any country.
Hearing about cases of women been raped by soldiers has shocked us, and it is a matter of fact that the occupation has been a reason for the enslavement of women in Iraq and the unleashing of a host of reactionary norms and values.
As a result, female prisoners face a solemn future after their released: rejection, ostracism or killing by committing suicide or killings by member of family in order to clear the “shame” that has been brought to the family’s “honour”.
In societies that still consider woman the honour of family and nation, rape in itself represents a death sentence for women.
What is happening to women in Iraq is unacceptable and is to be condemned. The US officials must be brought to justice for their crimes against women and what they have been doing to women in Iraq. Any women who are arrested, for whatever reason, should be treated with dignity and have all rights to defend herself. These women deserve all kinds of protection, physical and psychological treatment. The Iraqi police of the Puppet Government and the US forces should be held responsible for these crimes, these sadistic crimes against women in Iraq.


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Thank you.

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4 all the work you'r doing.

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this time can too come on USA solidrs wife and daughter so dont do this.
very low character as human being.

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this time can too come on USA solidrs wife and daughter so dont do this.
very low character as human being.


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