Thursday, March 30, 2006

The killing of women by Islamic groups in Iraq continues unabated

This is my article which I wrote in 2004 and still the situation of women is not
better under the US occupation.

it was first published in Equal Rights Now and then on the website of a women's organisation in US called Awakened women:

By Houzan Mahmoud

October 2004

The suffering of women in Iraq has intensified considerably at the hands of the Islamic groups since the start of war and the occupation of Iraq. These atrocities take place before the eyes of the occupying forces and without ever being condemned by them. The treatment of women by occupying forces themselves is not much better than that of the Islamic groups. The treatment of women in their custody which has included harassment, torture, rape as well as degrading attitudes towards women in general has contributed to an atmosphere of fear and haplessness for women.
The Islamic groups resort to every possible method to terrorize Iraqi women; by inflaming the sense of insecurity, kidnapping and killing and by terrorizing the whole society they pursue their aim of forcing women out of social life and into the confines of homes. While opposing the occupying forces the main trust of the Islamic group's violence is aimed at women. Fighting the occupying forces has served as a pretext to direct the brunt of their attacks against. Separated, isolated, excluded and enslaved women is the foundation for an Islamic society. Preventing women from work and education, two important elements of a woman's independence are also being targeted.
In the last three months 8 women have been killed in the city of Mousel alone by Islamic terror groups. These women have been killed because Islamic gangsters do not want women to go to work, terrorizing them to stay at home, wear veils, remain segregated from men, and to prevent them from working in public. The crimes of these women were that they did not observe the Quranic rules. They paid for it with their lives. The wrath of the Islamists has also been targeted against the foreign nationals, including women, in Iraq. Simona Torretta, the head of the Baghdad office, and Simona Pari, both 29, and the two Iraqis who were identified as Raad Ali Aziz and Mahnaz Bassam - who were working for an agency called "A bridge to Baghdad" in Iraq - were the victims of the kidnappers. Targeting women for their political gains is a desperate act by the Islamists. However, such acts have exposed the real characters of these criminals to the Iraqi people.
The Islamic groups are terrorizing Iraqi society to impose their dark rules. They target civilians to advance their inhumane agenda. We have seen how they kidnap workers who have been forced to migrate to Iraq in the hope of earning a living to feed their families. The killing of the 12 workers from Nepal is yet another example.
The recent kidnapping of the two journalists Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot, working for Radio France-Internationale and Le Figaro, shows the ultimate bankruptcy of Political Islam, demanding the French government lift the ban on veil at France's schools. These are some examples amongst many, and they are in facts demonstrating how remote these Islamic gangsters are from the demands, aspirations and desires of modern human beings. The veil, polygamous marriages for men and stoning of women are to become the norms of the society. But the question is that if these were to become the norms of any society, would we really call it a "human society"? Or the brutal rules of the jungle. In order to end all these violations of women's rights in Iraq by Islamists we have to be united and confront political Islam wherever it starts to threaten our liberties.


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